A fascinating web of honey-coloured threads linking Indian migrant workers, who first left the Sub-Continent more than a hundred and fifty years ago, and their descendants now living in contemporary Britain.

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When emancipated African slaves left their hard labour in the British Empire’s sugar cane fields, plantation owners set their sights on Indian workers. 

So it was that in early 1838, the first ships set sail from Calcutta and Madras, full of men and women searching for new beginnings in Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Mauritius and Fiji. 

Sugar Sugar: Bitter-sweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers is a contemporary collection of short stories based on facts which reveals a rich and culturally diverse history behind India’s migrant workers and one of the most abundant and controversial commodities in the world. Inspired by historical documents between 1838 and 1917, and the living memories of the descendants of indentured workers, Sugar Sugar spans five continents, travelling through time uncovering inspiring tales of courage and resilience.





Lainy Malkani is a successful London born journalist with Indo-Caribbean roots. Her critically acclaimed two-part series for BBC Radio 4, Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas inspired her to create this collection of short stories. She is fascinated by the lives of unsung heroes in our society. In 2012 she set up the Social History Hub to bring their stories to life. Lainy is a writer, broadcaster and presenter of the Social History Hub podcast. She has written for the British Library, the Commonwealth and the BBC.



RELEASE DATE - 25 May 2017




Look out for a series of podcasts about the making of Sugar, Sugar - the people involved in the writing and funding process as well as how to develop your own creative work. 



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