Support from Sponsors

Project 1838 offers sponsors a major marketing opportunity to increase brand awareness to potential customers. Brand visibility will be high before and during the exhibition. 

Private previewing

Project 1838 will be launched in the autumn of 2013 with a private viewing of the exhibition. The event offers original branding and promotional opportunities. There will be the opportunity to showcase the richness of Caribbean culture as invited brand ambassadors will be able to join high profile and influential guests on the opening night. The event will be filmed for our website, interviews with distinguished guests and sponsors will be made available to national and international media outlets. 

Web presence

The Social History Hub website will be used as a major advertising tool. It will be a customer driven website with an international audience. A permanent online presence for sponsors with logos and promotional information will be displayed. Social media will be used to strengthen audience reach through the use of Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

TV, Radio, Online, Print media

All relevant media will be directed to the website where your logo will have a permanent online presence. Every effort will be taken to offer brand ambassadors for interviews.