Maya in Ladbroke Grove, London 1958

Maya in Ladbroke Grove, London 1958

Maya was born in Hyderabad, Sindh in 1925. She was one of five sisters and two brothers. In her teens she showed a flair for the stage and performing arts and was a drummer in a local marching band.  Later, Maya worked at Bombay customs which was unusual because it was rare for women to work at that time.  

In 1953, she and her husband came to London and settled in England having left her family behind. She worked hard from the day she arrived. Her first job was working a twilight shift at Christmas in the Post Office. She had three children and continued working full-time until she retired at the age of 62 years.  

In those days there were no ‘mod cons’ and very few people owned their own car.  Nevertheless, with an amazing work ethic, she used to get up at 5am and cook for the family before setting off to London’s India House to do a full day’s work.  

Maya loved going to the temple as well as socialising and cooking for her friends and family. She specialised in cooking freshly fried pakoras with her own homemade mint and onion chutney. Delicious!


  • Marina A truly inspirational lady xxxxxxxxx 

  • Marina Is that mum in the pram by the way? X

  • Girish yes, Marina, that is your mum in the pram. I did not know that grandmum was a drummer. No wonder the kids and grand children have a flair for music

  • Marina I didn't know that either, she kept that quiet ironically. My mum reminds me of Indiya x

  • Girish Grand mum was always a well wisher. Each of my father's brother's who came to England the first time in early 1960's, - she offered them great hospitality and they all stayed at some time or the other in her Neasden home, including myself. I am luck that she gave me lots of blessings when I was starting my career. She never made me feel that I was a nephew. Always treated me as her own son

  • Marina She was a remarkable woman.

  • Mala One of the most welcoming, warm hearted people i knew. Always laughing n ever so jovial. We have spent many a happy evening at our place in london, n she loved food, get togethers. Sure she is smiling up there, blessing all of us! Love u AUNTY Maya.
    Chris I miss her so much....

  • Mala Dear Chris, just follow her ideals n morals, u will find her within u, always live her legacy. Shut ur eyes n take a deep breath, u will find her within urself, she never left u. Loves. Mala.
    Truly an inspirational woman who wanted the best for everyone, and making sure that we were all happy when we saw her. I miss her so much but I know that shes somewhere where nothing can hurt her anymore.
    My grandma (nani) and my grandfather (nana), my mum's parents passed away many years ago when me and my sisters were very young. We hardly saw them as they were based in India....but we gained a nani - aunty Maya. Although she wasn't our grandmother by blood, in our eyes and her eyes, we were her children and treated my mum as her daughter. I miss our laughs, jokes, and conversation. Miss you Nani, where ever you are. xxx
    I loved her so much! Such an amazing lady....all I can say is that we were ALL lucky to have her as a part of our lives....miss u nan...xxxxx
    Neelam Always a big smile on her face.