Marjorie,  born in Plumstead, South London in 1914

Marjorie,  born in Plumstead, South London in 1914

Marjorie was born in Plumstead in 1914. When she was just five, her mother died in a kitchen fire – it left her with a lifelong fear of fire! Her father didn’t cope so well on his own so he sent his daughter to stay with an aunt in Wiltshire? It left him free to find a new wife – which he did, quite soon! Marjorie was “repatriated” and the new family moved to Twickenham.

Her father, a craftsman coach builder and shop steward worked at the Fulwell trolleybus Depot. When Marjorie finished school, he refused her permission to continue her education. Fortunately, she had an ally in her stepmother who strongly defended her right to choose further education. Marjorie “matriculated” in 1933 and went on to Teacher Training at Avery Hill College.

She loved teaching and often regaled us with tales of how she would cycle to school followed by Paddy, her faithful dog! At the end of the day, the children would know that lessons were about to finish when Paddy showed up again at the school gate.

Marjorie married in 1944. Bringing up her family of three sons and a daughter interrupted her career. She worked part-time at the Payne’s chocolate factory before returning to teaching until her retirement. Apparently, she was a strict but fair teacher!


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