Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas on BBC Radio 4

Friday 18th September 2015  

11am - 11:30am 

BBC Radio 4 FM, BBC Radio 4 LW 

1/2Journalist Lainy Malkani delves into her family’s roots to discover the bittersweet history of Indian-dentured labourers on the sugar plantations of the Caribbean.  In the first of two programmes, she learns how her ancestors were among the thousands of impoverished workers shipped from India to the British-owned estates - a practice that began after slavery was abolished in 1838 and continued into the 20th century.


Presenter    Lainy Malkani

Producer     Mukti jain Campion

Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas | Series 1 - 1. Sugar in My Blood | Radio Times.png