Your stories

We’re getting a fascinating array of your stories and amazing photographs. Take some time to read about Pearline who came to London from Jamaica in the 1950’s. Her story is just one of many that will feature in the Project 1838 exhibition later this year. Her daughter very kindly sent us some pictures of her Indian grandmother and great-grandmother as well so we thank her for that. Your stories continue to mirror many of the issues we find in our lives today. Take Jaja, she came from Prague in the ‘60’s. Her story is a wonderful reminder of what we can do in these times of austerity to get the best out of life. She spent just £50 on her wedding and even made her own dress!

Coming up soon is Victor’s story. Italian by birth he’s a charming reminder of the changes we can make to our lives despite a tough up bringing! His story is coming up later so keep an eye out for that.

More updates to come...